Monday, 24 March 2014

The Rhythm of Fighters / Metal Slug Defense trademarks registered by SNKP

Saw this over on Kotaku, seems like SNKP have registered trademarks for two games; The Rhythm of Fighters and Metal Slug defense.

Not very exciting in my opinion, but at least they seem to be making something. It's been a while since XIII came out, and although it was a fun game (that I haven't played for a while now due to not living near any arcades/not being able to afford playing arcades) I'm still waiting for the news of the next game.


In any case, have been playing a lot of the first One Piece Kaizoku Musou game on PS3 lately. Bought it some time during summer for Y250 and was reluctant to play it at the time because I was so horribly dissapointed at the Hokuto Musou game.

It has a much improved system over the Hokuto game, and is a lot FASTER. So have been enjoying it a lot.

I've also managed to finally get up to Infernal mode on Dragon's Crown whilst commuting to job interviews and getting my arse kicked pretty badly but it's probably the most interesting Vita game I own so probably gonna try sticking to it for a bit longer.


  1. After many ins and outs, and how much time I have spent on it, I'm currently considering Dragon's Crown this long time life experience which one can revisit every time after a while. Kamitani stated that the goal to the game was to "never be done with it"; and to be honest, it's true (the in game narration even supports this!). After one advances on for a while, the game "evolves" and one has forcefully to re-evaluate "how good" was one own's current methods to advance; and might need to come with some new tricks to press forward.

    Long story short, when I was young and pretty I used to clear some beat 'em up like a 100 times a month with some of my pals (each time we had to wait for someone, we popped some coins).... And while I did get "better and better" due to the practice, the game itself never pushed me to that; for that reason to me Dragon Crown is like meeting again that dreamy ~ cool ~ pretty childhood friend whom I promised to marry and never could, being forced apart due to XX circumstances.

    Good luck with the job, here that type of stuff is pretty grim. About the trademark, is going to be some mobige-s for sure, hahaha.

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