Saturday, 12 April 2014

Garou Densetsu Premium / Samurai Spirits Kengo Hachiban Shoubu Pachislot Videos

There doesn't seem to be very much exciting that's announced lately for SNKP, to be honest even the STEAM release of KOFXIII wasn't very interesting to me. Seems like in the meantime they've already released a new Samurai Shodown (Spirits) pachislot machine, and are due to release a new Garou Densetsu one in June.

Check out a couple of videos below:

Samurai Spirits Kengo Hachiban Shoubu

Garou Densetsu Premium

Whilst watching the video for Garou Densetsu Premium, just made me think it'd be great if they released a beat em up like this. Could be something like this;

Anyways, at least now we know what they were up to when they were looking for 3D artists a while back.
Bloody Pachislots.

Some of the 3D models look great anyway, but just a shame this is stuck as a pachislot machine.


Lastly, can't remember if I ever posted it here before but during my first year when I was living in Tokyo I remember seeing a Garou Pachislot billboard in Shibuya and took a photo of it (You can also see a Tommy Lee Jones billboard).

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