Friday, 2 May 2014

[iOS / Android] Metal Slug Defense Out Now!

Was supposed to post up about this last night but I think I probably got distracted trying to kill mosquitoes (before they kill me!). Anyways Metal Slug Defense came out recently for iOS and for Android.

I've been testing it out a little bit, unfortunately my iPad is low on power and takes forever to charge via USB, and so far it seems like a fun little app. It's a huge improvement over the previous Metal Slug Wars game, which although I also enjoyed playing for a while was a pretty poor game.

As the title of the game kind of implies it's a bit like a tower defence game, you have to try and destroy the opponent's base whilst trying to protect your own. At some point I'll probably try to do a proper video review, but for now please have a look at the gameplay videos I made. (Apologies for the low volume.)

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Shin Koihime Musou Otome Taisen Sangokushi - Kanu Basic [Loli]Combos

Just a quick video I made yesterday afternoon. Discovered this game quite randomly from related videos whilst trying to remember the name of a girl fighting game on the Wii was called (Twinkle Queen).

To be honest I was expecting it to be a bit like other recent girl fighting games (lots of air dashing abd dial-a-combos) but it does play kinda different from those games. The combo system appears to be largely centred around a counter system, where if you hit the opponent with a certain kind of attack (usually fwd+medium/heavy) it puts them into a kind of crumple and then you can bounce them into a combo. (Probably makes more sense if you watch the video.)

I should hopefully be making at least one or two more videos for this game, I've already got some ideas for combos for a different character. 

But anyway it's worth checking out, I'm playing the PC version at the moment but hopefully when I find a job I'll be looking to pick up the PS3 version.