Friday, 24 February 2017

Dreamcast - Nakoruru (Ano Hito kara no Okurimono) - A quick look

Recently one of the hobby shops that I go to was having a closing down sale (between 50-70% off all used goods), so naturally I bought a lot of stuff. Amongst the things that I bought was this Nakoruru game for the Dreamcast.

Although I'd probably heard of it in passing before, I was kinda suprised by it as I usually forget that SNK used to publish or license out a lot of console exclusive games. (Like the Athena RPG).
Apparently it was released on the PC too.

But anyway, today I'd thought I'd take a quick look at the packaging and figure that came with this game. Unfortunately my Dreamcast is not set up (I probably don't know where all the wires are either lol) so I don't have any gameplay footage but I'm sure it's easy enough to find on Youtube. 


First of all, as you can see the SNK/Playmore logo is nowhere to be found on the box. From my understanding it was developed by a company called Inter Lets, but it seems the Dreamcast version was released by another company called Kool Kizz. (To be honest I've never heard of any of these companies.)

Inside the box is the game disc and the figure, it's pretty much at this point my disappointment started to set in.

As you may be able to see from the photos the figure is pretty poorly put togethe. Some parts seemed difficult to push into place, others just didn't want to push into place correctly, and the overally design of the figure seems pretty poor. At one point I used to collect the various gashapon figures released by Yujin, and those were a lot higher quality than this figure. (Pretty much most gashapon figures I've come across seem to have a better build quality than this figure.)

 Towards the end of trying to put it together I just gave up, took it apart and just put it back in the box. (Where it will probably stay forever.)

Anyway enough about the figure, let's look at the game disc and instructions!

The game disc itself seems simple enough, it's just a monochrome(?) print of the game discs CD cover.

This page did make me laugh quite a bit, the pixel art for Mamahaha on the VMU looks a lot like a featherless chicken. It reminded me of one picture that I saw on Twitter during pre-patch days of KOFXIV.

Lastly the character portraits/story for each of the characters in the game, apologies for some of the sideways images. It happens sometimes with blogspot. 
The artwork for this game is pretty nice, and seems to fit in rather well with the character of Nakoruru.

So anyway, in closing this probably isn't the kind of thing I'd recommend buying (unless cheap) but I think it's a pretty interesting bit of SNK history.

Also apparently there's an anime based on this, I haven't watched it yet but there's an unsubbed version on Youtube.

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