Thursday, 4 May 2017

Rest in peace community member Toxico.

I've just seen over on Twitter that fellow FGC community member Toxico (aka Ars Magna, ImbuedGold) has sadly passed away.

It's not often that I write on this blog nowadays, but I felt that as someone who had contributed to the FGC community over the years that I didn't think it would do him justice to just mention it in passing on Twitter.

Although I have never met him in person, we have shared conversations with each online for many years and because of our shared interest in games he was one of my favourite people on the internet.

He had a great knowledge of a variety of games, culture, etc and was always enthusiastic and cheerful when talking about games. I learned a great deal about games when he'd pop over to my blog and leave a comment or on Twitter.

I'd always enjoyed his trivia, the videos he shared, and even checking what game he was playing on PS4. 

He was probably the only person I knew that enjoyed playing Dragon's Crown, so it was always a joy being able to learn about the higher levels of that game and to be able to share my enjoyment of that game with him. 

From the start of my blog and indeed many of my ventures to create things on the internet he has always been supportive of me, and for that I am eternally grateful to him.

It's not often that I feel sad, but in this case he will be sorely missed.

Rest in peace my friend, it was an honour to have spoken with you.