About Me

About KOF[UK] Blog:

This blogsite was first created during the time i was doing Ranking Battles for KOF in London, as i felt like it was necessary to have my own 'website' to focus all information into one easily accessable place for people to view.

Although i no longer am involved in organising tournaments and the main focus of this blog has changed, i still continue to work on it as part of my hobby and to share information or interesting things i come across which are SNKP related.

For more up to date news regarding the UK/London KOF events check out Orochinagi and NeoEmpire

About Me:

I normally go by the screen name 'KusoGaki' have now been playing King of Fighters games since about 1997, though i took a long break between KOF00-XI, and ran Ranking Battles for KOF in London from about 2006-2010.

I've been now living and working in Japan, since 2011, not too sure when I'll head back to London lol.

I normally try to reply to all comments on this blog, but for some reason you need to ask something to me directly i can be contacted @ kof_uk@yahoo.co.uk