Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Arcadia Magazine - July 2010 - A Quick Look.

Another month has flown by and another issue of Arcadia has flown through my letter box, this month the issue covers the new Hatsune Miku Project Diva Arcade game and comes with a small sheet of related stickers. (Which i did actually take a picture of but somehow forgot to save the photo before leaving home today...)

As with the previous couple of issues, the opening page features an advert of Mai Shiranui though also is coupled with an advert for the upcoming Neo Geo Heroes ~ Ultimate Shooting for the PSP.
This comes out the 29th July and will cost Y5040, preorders also will come with an arranged soundtrack CD.

The next section of the magazine covers the main article of this issue, the Project Diva game. Not much interested in this myself so i pretty much just skimmed past it.

First set of SNKP related articles this month covers the aforementioned Neo Geo Heroes game, mentions a little about the 4 new characters who were not in KOF SkyStage as well as the game modes. There's also a small section at the bottom of the page regarding Ichiki Mitsuhiro and Tougeki '10, which i haven't had much of a look at yet.

Next couple of pages covers a couple of SNKP's new mobile phone games, and mentions the new Mai Shiranui figure i wrote a bit about in a previous blog entry. Then there is also the Neo Geo Fan Club fan art pages, a Mai fan art winning this month (alot of things relating to Mai lately lol).

The next couple of pages covers Examu, ArcSys and Tekken, then onto the KOFXIII news.

Though not much you wouldn't know already this issue covers the latest team revealed, the K' team.

Also this issue has a page dedicated to Mai Shiranui...(Like i said alot of Mai related things lately...) called the Shiranui Mai Fan Club. See above image for more details.

Something i haven't seen as of yet is that Chin has a new super move which looks like it bounces off the wall, potentially for a follow up attack. The image blurb doesn't mention whether he is red in that image because he is drunk or if that is just a colour scheme, would be pretty interesting if it is the former.

Also something else added to this game is Shen Woo has a new move which reverses fireballs.

And Leona has some kind of new super which looks like she runs backwards and forwards slicing the opponent, the image looks a bit similar to her charge back > forward + Kick move. (Apologies for no picture of this.)

Other things covered in this issue include Border Break, a couple of sports titles, Arcana Heart 3, and suprisingly very little SSF4 coverage. The Girl's Island feature this month covers Nina from Tekken.

Just to finish up a couple of SNKP related images from this issue.

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