Saturday, 13 November 2010

Arcadia Magazine [Dec 2010] - A Quick Look

Bit late this month due to Playasia not automatically invoicing for this issue, plus the usual one week to be delivered, but my issue of Arcadia came through the door this morning.

This months issue's cover feature is the latest Gundam VS game, and comes with some sort of Darius soundtrack CD as a bonus gift.

Minimal KOFXIII news (i wouldn't expect too much from now on since it's already been out on arcades for quite a while now), but i've taken pictures of most of the other SNKP related stuff.

First up the Maker's Hotline which this month covers Trouble Witches Neo which will be coming out on XBLA this Winter for 800MS, not too sure if you can see properly but the item feature this month is for a Fatal Fury Terry Bogard cap which is sold on

Some sort of mobile phone Sci Fi RPG featuring some of the KOF girls, 'ASUTORO KUESTO' which using my rather limited Japanese reading ability either means Astro Quest or Ass To Row Quest...I prefer the latter translation. :P

Not too sure why SNKP releases all of these games on Japanese mobile phone services but never brings them out via iPhone, as this one looks fairly decent and one i wouldn't mind playing.

The usual Neo Geo fan club showing images sent in by fans, this months winning image is of Twinkle Star Sprites. I quite liked the Ninja Combat one myself.

Some sort of retrospective look at Fatal Fury Special.

In the Tougeki section of the magazine this month there are features on all of the games played this year, along with interviews with the winners and what i believe is their advice on the game in which they won.

As you can see in the KOFXIII page something that really made me laugh quite alot is the Raiden dropkick flowchart.

Also of course is the KOF02UM winners page about Hinako who OZ is most famous for using, along with some advice of how to use her. The small box to the left side explains moves which are most effective at different attack ranges.

Also at the end of this feature is a special report about Duelling the KOF, which is the main KOF major event in Japan, with some of the brackets and write ups for the different games played.

Finally to end up this issue, there was a small comic strip at the end (the topic varies between issues) featuring a bit of Hinako. DOSUKOI!! I have also included the Arcadia Arcade Rankings at the end, KOFXIII still in there at a respectable 6th place.

Just to note again to readers, please do not post up my photos on other websites without linking back to my website. Thanks.

This month's issue of Arcadia is available on or you can subscribe for a slightly cheaper rate here.

Edit: Almost forgot to mention, this month's issue also had a photo of the UK Players who qualified and went for the Tekken team competition at Tougeki. In this team was Cristina who has been a long time KOF player (but now mainly plays Tekken and Guilty Gear), her team i think came in the top 8. Also in the pic are her team mates Inti and Ramzi, who are both also friends of mine.

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