Sunday, 24 April 2011

Old SNK Goods From Japan - Pt.1

A friend of mine who is currently living in Japan came back to the UK today bringing with him about half a years worth of SNK goods he has been buying for me.

Since there is quite a lot of small things to go through i'm gonna post them into a few seperate blog entries.

First up like the previous KOF goods my friend sent me from Japan he managed to find another two of the KOF95 chibi keychain figures, this time of Saisyu Kusanagi and Omega Rugal.

Next up two Terry Bogard mini figures. The first one in a burn knuckle pose has the year stamped on the back of his cap as 1998/1999, i think it should have come with a base as it has a hole on the bottom of one of his feet but mine didn't come with a base. 

The next one actually has several points where you can twist, which gives it some (limited) poseability, this one is also stamped on the back as being from 1998/1999.

Also a few of the Yujin gachapon figures.

Kyo and Iori from the SNK Real Figure Collection Part 2, not really very impressively made figures but a welcome addition to the collection.

Something quite (childishly) amusing i found is because of how they are posed, you can make it look like they are holding hands if you put them next to each other like so:

Also made by Yujin is Nakoruru from the Capcom VS SNK 2 SR Collection part 2, which is slightly better quality than the above two KOF figures. Doesn't come with a base though for some reason so i kind of expect this to fall off my shelf at some point...

Last up for this entry, a load of Fatal Fury 3 keychains.
I'm not particularly sure why but my friend decided to buy me a load of duplicates of these.

There's a total of 6 characters from FF3 in this series (Hon-Fu, Andy, Mai, Geese, Terry and Joe) as you may be able to see with the paper that comes with them.

As you can see from the pics below i have Hon Fu, Andy and Mai.

So that's the first lot of stuff, still quite a few things i need to take pics of including wall scroll things, plush keyrings, books, cds and other little bits and pieces. Will try to get pics up of them in the next couple of days.

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  1. Holy mother in heaven... I'd kill my family to have those!