Sunday, 24 April 2011

Old SNK Goods From Japan - Pt.2 - Neo Geo DJ Station CD

Along with the previous things i also got a couple of Neo Geo DJ Station CDs.

I'm only going to cover the Neo Geo DJ Station in this one as i haven't had a chance to listen to the Live '99 version as of yet.

This CD is basically plays out like a radio show, with the occasional song and various dramas featuring Neo Geo characters. Not knowing a great deal of Japanese i'm not really able to appreciate this CD that much, but from what i can understand it is fairly amusing.

The one i probably enjoyed the most from this CD was the Mai telephone consultation drama.

For some reason this comes with a sticker sheet (see pic right at the bottom of post), they're shaped similarly to the old Neo Print stickers though i'm not sure if this is intentional or a coincidence.

You can read translated details of the dramas (as well as the track listing) in this CD over on SNK Wikia.

The fictional band featured in this CD (Band of Fighters / BoF) are made up of Kyo (Guitar), Iori (Bass), Terry (Drums), Nakoruru (Keyboard) and Athena (Vocals).

Anyway i've ripped and uploaded this cd to MediaFire, the files are ripped as wma files (my Windows Media Player doesn't work properly so i can't figure out how to change to mp3) and i've named all the files according to the listing at VGMDB.

I'm not sure whether i will also rip the Live '99 CD as it was quite time consuming to do this one, and the Live '99 one has even more tracks on it!!

Anyway enjoy the pics from the CD booklet:


  1. Marvelous list of details on both the CDs and the Figures, seeing Shinkiro draw the characters as rock wanna be stars never gets old.

  2. Thanks, what's really interesting about the BOF is they had animatronic shows of the band at the Neo Geo World. (Pic here:

    Although by todays standard they might be kind of funny, it must've been pretty cool 10 years ago. In fact i would still want to watch it xD

    It's a real shame Shinkiro still isn't around at SNK, i quite liked his artwork for the Marvel VS Capcom 3 but on the PAL box we got some other garbage instead of Shinkiro D: