Sunday, 1 May 2011

Kusanagi Kyo ✫ Yagami Iori : Characters Mook Featuring KOF'98

As mentioned in the third part of my Old SNK Goods From Japan post i got an old VHS tape, amongst the other bits and pieces, and have finally gotten around to filming it and uploading to Youtube.

Unfortunately as i mention in the video description as i do not have any clever way on hand to transfer VHS tape to a digital PC file so i just had to set up and leave a digital camera in front of the TV and let it record like that.

The video and sound quality is probably as good as i'm going to be able to get it unfortunately, but i think it's pretty watchable.

If i ever get around to buying some hardware to convert it properly then it's likely i'll upload it again, but for now i don't think that would be any time soon.

Anyway enjoy the vid!

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