Friday, 10 June 2011

Arcade Works - Omega Entertainment Machine - CMVS

Saw this thread over on's forums about a consolized MVS system which appeared at the E3 show.

There are not many details on the official website regarding the machine as of yet but it does look very slick judging from the photos, and much more like the AES unit than the Walnut CMVS did.

Price and release dates should be revealed hopefully some time soon.

Edit: Just noticed the creator, Shadowkn55, has posted up some more details:

I'll give you guys a little rundown on the cmvs while the website admin sets up the preorder page.

It'll have two tiered pricing. The complete units will be $499 and a DIY kit at $299. The complete units will be fully playable out of the box and are equipped with the latest unibios. The DIY kits require an MV-1C but feature a solderless design. A little bit of soldering is required if you want stereo.

All units come with composite, s-video, component, and rgb as standard. They'll come bundled with composite/s-video cables. Component and RGB scart cables are sold separately.

The a/v out is done through a single DIN9. I wanted to have the back panel as clean as possible and at the same time make the DIY kits easy to assemble.

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