Thursday, 23 June 2011

Best Fighting Game of E3 2011 on GameSpot

Saw over on DreamCancel's front page that KOFXIII has been nominated to be amongst the best fighting games shown at E3 this year.

The editor's choice has been Street Fighter x Tekken, but you can place a vote for the reader's choice here.

It's well worth putting a vote in for KOFXIII, you don't even have to register to vote, as it would be good for the KOF community for the game to be voted number 1. (Just to even get it noticed by casual fighting game players would be good.)

Street Fighter x Tekken is currently in the lead, so we need to get those votes in!


  1. There is absolutely no way that the nitche community that gets on with playing with K', Kyo or Kula can over vote the ignorant masses that get exited with Sagat and Blanka doing male bonding with fugly graphics; specially on an US bond site.

  2. lol it's at least worth a try, yesterday it was even losing to Anarchy Reigns. Didn't even realise that was a fighting game :-/