Monday, 13 June 2011

Cure Cosplay Festival x KOF Live Action

Cosplay website Cure recently teamed up with the makers of the KOF live action to put on a KOF themed cosplay show at the Cure Cosplay Festival.

There's quite a wide range of characters from KOF being cosplayed in the show and even though some of them are quite funny it puts to shame the poor efforts in the live action movie...

I've uploaded a few of the photos i found (with my personal favourite being the Leona cosplay), but you can check out more here and here


  1. I kinda liked the Saishu cosplay, it looks like a in game younger Saishu.

    I guess that the Leona cosplayer was chosen for the part thanks to her body proportions, from a quick glance it looks like she is the prettiest of the girls body ratio wise.

    BTW I read that the cast for the dub of the movie is actually very good / expensive, for example Kyo is going to be voiced by Tomokazu Sugita (he has to damn many parts for me to remember), he is a super successful Voice Actor & dubs as a radio personality (he is pretty funny). Considering that, I wonder what SNK is aiming with such budget? Are they trying to make the movie a successful meme by having the VA joke around it after the show? Produce tons of Funny MADs / AMVs? That could work xD it's more plausible than having the movie being a success because of it's quality.

  2. The Saisyu is really cool, it would have looked perfect if his trousers were a little more baggy.

    I still can't find a name for the Leona cosplayer, she's definitely the prettiest of the ones i've seen so far.

    I'm not sure why they are promoting the movie though, have you seen it yet ? I thought it was worse than Tekken...and that was pretty damn bad.

    There was a really good video on Youtube a while back, though i think it got removed, with the in game voices dubbed over the movie xD
    Made watching it 100% better.