Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Enlightend Shadow's KOFXIII Fan Sprite Edits

Found some more fan made KOFXIII style sprites today on Enlightend Shadow's DeviantArt page, they're pretty well made and in particular i quite liked the alternate costume design he made of Kula.

Jae Hoon:
Kula Diamond:
Kyo Kusanagi

Also in case you were interested in making some yourself, he also has a tutorial on his page showing you how he makes them.

There are actually a few more if you check out his gallery. (Some KOF, some Capcom, and some personal designs.)

Also whilst on the topic of Deviant Art i also came across a cosplayer called Mistress09, who has done an awesome Kula cosplay.

Check out her DeviantArt page for more. :)

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