Wednesday, 15 June 2011

KOF98 [MegaDrive] - Pirate Game

I've seen these kicking around on eBay and Yahoo occasionally for a while now, only actually tried bidding on one on eBay recently and it ended up going for more than i wanted to pay for a pirate game. (End bid was about £19.51.) :(

Even though i didn't end up winning it while i was waiting for the auction to end i went off to research a little bit about it.

One of the things i found quite funny about this game is that it has an original opening movie featuring some of the characters in the game, as you can see above Ryo shoots off a rather impressive Haoh Sho Koh Ken Beam.

There don't seem to be many characters in this game. They've included the Fatal Fury Team, the Art of Fighting Team and amusingly a team comprised of Street Fighter characters (Cammy, Ryu and Guile.)
What i found even more funny was that they've spelled some of the names wrong, for example Terry is Treey and Cammy is Canme.

The sprites seem to be ripped from the megadrive versions of each of the games the characters are from, along with some of the backgrounds which have a few alterations.

Most of my information about this game came from a set of videos uploaded by Youtube User smoke072, who has made a set of videos playing through this game.

As you can see for yourself the game actually looks pretty terrible, as is usually expected of pirate games, and seems to loop a funny version of the Power Rangers song over and over again.

One thing i did actually quite like though is that they seem to have given Terry a ranbu special (check out 1:55 on the above vid.)

There seems to be quite a few pirate KOF games out there, i know there are quite a few bootleg 2002 MVS versions too, as well as this one for the NES:

I don't actually own any yet myself though unfortunately, would be nice to own a couple just to put on the shelf and turn on occasionally for a laugh.

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