Monday, 13 June 2011

KOFXIII - Benimaru / KOF2000 Combo Videos

 DontDropThatCombo has uploaded the final part of the Japan Team's combo tutorials with Benimaru today.
Some interesting things going on with his EX Benimaru Collider grab, can't help but feel his NeoMax looks (asthetically) a little rubbish though.

He mentions in the video he will start to upload the Fatal Fury team next, with the first to be Terry Bogard.

Also uploaded within the past day by Fiol is some 100% combo videos for KOF2000 with Neo&Geo as strikers. 

Since i never really got into 2000 (took a break from playing KOF after 99) it's always interesting to see some of the strikers i'm unfamiliar with. The only ones i remember seeing people using mainly were Seth and Joe.

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