Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Last Blade 2 (Unblockable Set Ups) / Garou MOTW Guard Cancel Exhibition

Whilst trying to search for an explanation for Zantetsu's glitch where he repeatedly bounces on the opponent i came across WiLMaster002's channel. Although i've still not found an explanation of how to do the glitch i did find a couple of interesting videos on this channel.

The first is for Last Blade 2 and demonstrates how you can use an unblockable air attack on the opponent waking up.

From the video description:
This video showcases various setups for the Unblockable Air Hit Glitch.
The glitch is that for a brief period as a character is waking up from a knockdown they are unable to block aerial attacks.

It should also be noted that these setups can be escaped by:
1. Deflecting
2. A reversal attack (a la Lee (2)8B
3. By rolling away from the setup.

Credit for the video goes to the creator: HungKENFeng.

Original video and other great lb2 videos can be found at:

Also another video that was pretty flashy is this guard cancel exhibition for Garou:MOTW

It's well worth having a look in WiLMaster002's channel if you're interested in Last Blade or MOTW as there are quite a lot of combo, demonstration, and match videos for those two games.


  1. LoL at the usage of neorage on the just defended vid.

    Zantetsu's infinite was actually pretty easy to perform. I remember that when a tournament is going to happen, there are always some "banned bugs" vids made by the staff, within those you can easily see the bugs and how they are done; plus they tell you not to use them.

    In the case the instruction for Zantetsu Air attack was "A+C simultaneously while in mid air".

  2. Ahhh cheers for that, gonna have to set up the MVS and try some of that stuff out over the weekend. :D