Thursday, 9 June 2011

Magical Drop V [PC] - Coming Soon

Although not a SNK game i've always thought of Magical Drop as being a Neo Geo game (since i was more familiar with the Neo Geo versions) so thought it might be of interest to fellow Neo Geo fans to know that Ignition will be publishing Magical Drop V for the PC. (With console versions to come at a later date.)

What is interesting though is that this game has been designed with GhostLop characters, though i'm not sure whether it has it's own specific Ghostlop mode or you can only pick those characters and play a psuedo Ghostlop (vs Magical Drop) game.

GhostLop as you may or may not know was originally planned for the Neo Geo system but never made it past being a prototype.

From what i've seen of the gameplay of GhostLop it looks like a mixture of Breakout and Puzzle Bobble.
(Check out the video below, uploaded by merlin196, for gameplay from the prototype version)

There's no release date as of yet but Siliconera is reporting the game should cost less than $10!

Check out more details also on Joystiq.

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