Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Mystery Mai Shiranui Cosplayer

About half a year ago i uploaded a set of Mai Shiranui cosplay photos to the KOF02UM[Europe] Facebook page, and although i managed to find quite a few of her photos i had no idea who the cosplayer was.

(The closest i managed to getting a name was finding out that she did the Mai cosplay at Tokyo Game Show 2007 but that was about it.)

After i mentioned the Cure website in the previous post i went off to see if i could find any more of the Leona cosplayer.

Though unsuccessful in finding any more i came across another Mai cosplayer who had a photo with the same background to the one in the photo above and the website Cosplex watermarked on it.

So off i went to Google search with my new found knowledge and finally after a bit of trial and error i found a name (Ranmaru /蘭丸 ) and her blog website. She also has a page on Cure, which i think you have to sign up to view.

Although she has done alot of different cosplay from what i've seen so far the only SNK related ones are all of Mai.

So another mystery solved but now the search begins to find out who did that Leona cosplay... =_=

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