Saturday, 9 July 2011

KOFXIII Combo Videos / Dark Geese Chris Dive Kick 1.5 Video

A few new videos were uploaded by 4b101 earlier today, featuring Kyo, Joe, and Ash.

The first with Kyo features 5 Orochinagi's in a combo, like the video by DontDropThatCombo, though i think this one is slightly more stylish due to the double juggle with the fireball.

Second is a combo with Joe.

And finally a 2 super bar death combo with Ash.

Check out more on 4b101's Youtube Channel.

Also a follow up video to the Dive Kick video by Dark Geese has been uploaded, also showing some off the floor tricks involving Chris' D button throw.

Not quite sure why the first combo shown in the video isn't ended with a super though.


  1. Those combos are ripped of from KCE latest vid :P

    And Chris's Grab -> OTG works everywhere, you need to buffer a quick dash before the DM.

  2. Ah really? I don't think i've seen that vid yet haha

    I'll need to give that a try, i remember the first time seeing the DM pick up off the floor (from a divekick i think it was) and thinking WTF!!