Monday, 19 September 2011

KOF-i - K' Dialogue VS Women Fighters Team

A bit later than i planned but better late than never, the first set of dialogues for K'.

This first set with him against the Women Fighters Team, minus Mai who i've already done.

A bit strange to think of K' as a teenager (or underage according to King), particularly since he doesn't look like one. Though i guess pretty much most of the characters have strange ages.

K' Versus King:

K' Versus Yuri:


  1. Profile wise, K' is "suspected" to be between 16 and 18, but since he doesn't know we can't know either.

    I'm pretty sure that 20 is the legal age for drinking in Japan (or was it 21?)(that age matches the first year of enrollment in college). Also I think that you can't get a driving license before 20. Curiously enough, you can get married before 20, but not by your own will, supposedly political marriages (partner and procedures all made by your folks) can happen from early age (16), though is unusual for males to go through that.

  2. haha i think the age that you're allowed to do things in Japan is kind of crazy.

    I read on wikipedia the age of consent is 13 years old!

    Even at 18 years old kind of seems young for his design, it doesn't really help that characters don't age anymore lol.