Thursday, 6 October 2011

KOFXIII Blog Update - EX/Flame Iori / KOFXIII Asian Version Pre-Order Bonus

SNKPlaymore has updated the official KOFXIII blog today with a few videos of EX/Flame Iori, much like the Saiki and Billy Kane updates before it, it shows a couple of combos along with his NeoMax.

I tried to Google Translate the blog entry but it made even less sense then me trying to slowly browse through it with my limited Japanese. I'm sure Professor or Toxico will translate it over on MMCafe at some point soon.

So far EX/Flame Iori is looking good, i remember hearing a bit of Dune's interview on Elive a while ago saying that he would be incredibly strong.

Anyway check out the vids:

[Edit]: SNKPlaymore HK has also uploaded a KOFXIII Promotional Video, it's the same one we've probably all seen a million times now but adds a small clip at the end showing the pre-order bonus that will be included with the Asian version of the game.

I think it says that it is a Phone Rest/Holder, not too sure.

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