Saturday, 29 October 2011

MCM Expo Day One - A Quick Look

So I've just gotten back from day one of the MCM Expo where KOFXIII was being previewed, the latest build including EX Iori and some of the new changes shown in the latest SNKP videos.

Of the things that i had the chance to test I can confirm in this build at MCM you could do Clark's EX command grab -> Elbow follow up -> Super Grab. So I'd imagine this is getting pretty much as close as playing on the final game before it ships next month.

Slowdown in previous builds was not present as far as I am aware, did not notice it at all.

Loading times I did not notice, so must have been pretty good.

As Ex Iori was playable I spent most of my time trying to figure out how he plays in this game.

Of the things so far that I have discovered:

From a standing weak punch it seems he cannot chain it into scumgale (his command grab), i tested this with the weak punch version, hard punch version, and the EX version. All strengths of it whiffed after the light punch. As I seem to remember this was possible in older games.

He has a very simple combo where you can do qcb+p x2 -> DC -> EX qcb+PP x2 -> maiden masher.

Like older games it is possible to do cr.B, cr.A -> qcb+Ax3

His qcfx2+P super is possible to chain from cr.B, cr.A.

I seem to remember you can chain his maiden masher from cr.B, cr.A but i can't remember for sure or what strength of the super you needed to do. It's something I'll have to look at again tomorrow if I have the chance.

His EX fireball has some start up but 'poisons' and locks the opponent like his older fireball super.

The EX version of his hcb+KK seems to stay in one place like Kyo but I couldn't determine whether it gained command grab properties like Kyo. I seem to remember someone was able to guard it, but I will have to check this again if I can.

I did not film any footage as I was helping to run a group in the tournament, I believe half of the groups were being run through a stream (check for more details).

I managed to barely scrape my way into first place of my group, losing one match but then winning the tie breaker against the same opponent, not too sure who I will be playing tomorrow in the quarter finals but hopefully I manage to get at least into Top 4. (And hopefully I'll manage to wake up in time tomorrow xD)

Pretty tired from standing up all day (tournament was run with sticks sitting on something like a small pillar, so even playing you had to stand up!) and hungry so gonna finish up here and run out to buy something to eat.

Any questions about EX Iori, or anything that you would like me to have a look at then let me know. I will try to test more out tomorrow but because I will be playing in the tournament there is no guarantee that I can try everything out.

Hopefully if they stream my match tomorrow you can see a little bit of EX Iori as I will be picking him again tomorrow. SOSHITE SHINE !!


  1. jab -> scum gale has been Iori's staple infinite since I can remember, in fact some of my friends used it over here; not as an infinite but to gain stocks and always adding a DM after the throw (I think that otherwise, you are sure to get a time out before killing the enemy). I remember seeing it used in some chinese matches as well.

    I think that it's a "for about time" change; it's obvious that his throw was changed into a slamming juggling throw in XII to remove the infinite. I could imagine some Iori players getting angry about it, though.

    Well, if we apply positive thinking, maybe the scum gale is a lot of stronger now, so they had to make sure that you can't combo it or something.

  2. Did it still work as an infinite after 98 ?

    I was trying jab -> scumgale a little while ago on 02UM and it's a bit harder than i remembered, so I'm starting to wonder whether my timing is just crap and if it is possible in XIII. Though that doesn't explain why the EX one didn't add extra range to the grab. :-/

    Ah well, if i manage to get a machine for a couple of minutes for myself tomorrow I'll try it out again.

  3. Did it still work as an infinite after 98 ?

    ^^ It's in 2002 and 2002 UM (it's even part of the trials on this one), and I think I saw it in 00 and 01 as well. Maybe even 2k3, so yeah.