Sunday, 30 October 2011

MCM Expo Day Two - A Quick Look

MCM Expo is over for another year, a great event for KOF this year, and I really enjoyed this expo. Normally I tend to just go to look at people's costumes and buy a few Dragon Ball or One Piece figures, this year was completely spent playing KOFXIII.

If you never caught the live stream earlier you can check out the archived version from EX Dragon Project's Twitch.TV page.

Watch live video from EXDRAGON Project on
(If the video doesn't load, click on the little URL below it to watch it directly on

For some reason my first match versus MichelS isn't included, I picked Saiki in those matches, I'll have to check with Gunsmith or the Dragon Twins to find out whether they recorded it or not.

If you're wondering why my eyes twitch so often it's because my eyesight is pretty bad, I should really get new glasses but I'd rather spend my money on games and toys. xD

The prizes for Top 4 were:

4th Place - KOF2006 CD
3rd Place - The 100 Mega Shock - Neo Geo 20th Anniversary - Cospa Tshirt
2nd Place - Neo Geo Stick 3 (PS3 Version)
1st Place - PS2 Orochi Collection, special edition with Neo Geo Stick 2.

I managed to come third place.

Of the things I tested with EX Iori:

I still couldn't get tap -> scumgale to work.
cr.B, cr.A -> Maiden masher, works with all strengths of the super including EX version.

With Clark, as you can see on the stream footage you can do his cancel into his super from EX grab -> elbow drop. I experimented a little more with this after the tournament, testing a simple HD combo.

st.C (2 hits) -> HD Activate -> st.C (1 hit) -> EX grab -> elbow drop -> grab super -> Neo Max.

For your four bars, plus HD meter, i think it was around 870 damage or so. (I can't remember if I saw that damage with his EX super instead of the normal one, which would be 5 bars total.)

I also tested his EX grab -> elbow -> EX grab super, which did around 450 damage.

And lastly I tested: cr.B, cr.A -> ch.back~forward+A -> DC (You have to cancel before the hit that knocks the opponent up) -> EX grab -> elbow drop -> grab super.

With Saiki the only new thing i discovered was about jump.C -> f+B (i think that's the command, the air ballerina kick that moves forward), those two hits put the opponent into enough hit stun that you can follow up with his flash kick super (qcfx2+K) without hitting them again when you land.

Thanks to Gunsmith, Rising Star Games, and EX Dragon Project for running the KOFXIII tournament, was a tiring weekend (luckily I've booked a day off work tomorrow!) but was a lot of fun.

Gonna finish up with a few photos.


  1. Hey, congrats. And obviously one can never have enough cash for games (I should spare money for glasses myself, yet I have lived without them so far).

    BTW I noticed a great increase of performance when you switched from Red Flaming Iori to the pink one (゚∇゚)

  2. Cheers dude, haha I was a little nervous at first but then started to remember the pressure tactics with Iori in the second match.

    Still not quite used to the timing, and need to practice more short jumps. (Especially since short jumps are so good in this game.)