Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Preordering KOFXIII [UK]

I was e-mailed a couple of days ago by lonelywolf23786 regarding the preorder of KOFXIII, which has gone up on HMV with the preorder bonus for £33.99.

Although it was stated that all retaliers should be getting the bonus as long as you preorder so far as far as i am aware the bonus has only been announced on HMV (£33.99), ShopTo (£32.86), and Game (£39.99).

I have never ordered with ShopTo before but i have read that they are normally pretty fast with preorders, even reimbursing you with £3 store credit if you do not receive it on release day.

Game is also pretty good with preorders, although the most expensive of the lot, i usually preorder most of my games there and have only ever received a game one day late. (And that was only due to a database error when they switched to their new site).

I've ordered from HMV before but can't seem to remember whether i have ever preordered anything from them or how quickly it was delivered.

Personally i currently have a preorder for the 360 version with ShopTo since they are currently the cheapest, and also accept Paypal. (Luckily i have loads of funds sitting around from selling on eBay.)

I'm likely to preorder the PS3 version as well, due to my Xbox Live account running out next month, but havent decided yet whether to order from ShopTo as well.

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