Saturday, 16 April 2016

A Quick Look At: Taito Prize - Automatic Ticket Dispenser 1/12 scale

Popped into the Sega game center on the way home to play a couple of games of UFO catchers and managed to snag this 1/12 scale automatic ticket dispenser from one of the machines.

The box isn't very exciting and to be honest I only tried getting it because there was nothing else I really wanted there today, but it's actually pretty cool.

Because it's 1/12 scale it's perfect for figures like Figmas or Revoltech.

The item itself is based on the ticket machines that they have here in train stations where you can buy your various tickets, top up your pass, etc.. and even includes the little door where the staff pop their heads out if you need assistance. Honestly it makes me laugh every time it happens...

But anyway it's pretty well detailed, and manages to capture the likeness really well. The one thing I didn't like so much was the stickers are really fiddly to get into place and I managed to stick a few of them pretty bent.

Overall it's a pretty nice item, and worth picking up if you see one floating around on eBay or whatever online shops may have it for sale. I'd actually like a couple more to put alongside it to make it look even more like a train station ticket stand, but we'll have to see if they still have them in the machine next time I go there (or even if I can win another one again lol.)

It's become the new home for my Creepy Woody figure lol.

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